Alumax Mosaic Tiles

Step out of the ordinary and create outstanding designs. We offer the largest and most unique selection of metal mosaic tiles in Canada with a 10-year warranty. Alumax Mosaic Tiles are resistant to heat and water that makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as:

  • Bathroom and washroom walls
  • Decorative and feature walls
  • Kitchen backsplash

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Upgrading your home has never been easier or more cost-effective. Using Alumax Mosaic Tiles, you can replace any tile or backsplash without glue, concrete or even grouting. You can also cover existing wall tiles or materials with Alumax Mosaic Tiles without any dust or mess.

Satisfy your creative palette with our exceptional selection of textures, patterns and colors.

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Installation Guide

Watch the installation video and see how easy it is to install Alumax Mosaic Tiles.

  1. To apply Alumax Mosaic Tiles, first clean the surface
  2. Make sure the countertop is level with the wall
  3. If you’re applying trims for added aesthetics, you need to apply the trims first
  4. If you need to cut the tiles to fit around an outlet, use a utility knife or pliers
  5. Next, peel off the protection film on the back of the tile
  6. Apply each tile on the wall starting from the countertop or end of a cabinet
  7. Flatten the surface of the tile with your hand
  8. Finally, remove the surface protection film and you’ve just installed one Alumax Mosaic Tile as easily as that