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Alumax Panel is Canada’s leading supplier of aluminum composite panels and decorative materials. Specializing in aluminum cladding for Toronto's residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Along with providing a diverse array of materials, across Ontario Alumax Panel is recognized for the innovation and durability of materials it brings to the market. That is shown in the commitment strived to achieve every day; to offer superior quality ACM Panels at affordable prices. Teams of experts continuously research and innovate in the areas of installation and fabrication. In order for clients and corporate partners to save time and labor costs.

All products supplied by Alumax Panel comply with international standards and are available to clients across Canada and the United States. Materials are tested by accredited labs and every performance indicator surpasses national and international bars. With environmental sustainability leading as one of the company's values, it is important to note that Alumax Panel only uses recyclable materials in order to reduce the carbon footprint and leave a better world for generations to come. Alumax Panel is proud to be a trusted partner with architects, builders and designers in North America.

Working with such a wide variety of clients and projects, providing durable and maintenance-free aluminum cladding materials. Alumax Panel is revolutionizing and innovating in the construction industry with its Aluminum Composite Panels, Aluminum Peel and Stick Tiles, and UV Laminated Panels.

The company’s values are: Quality. Safety. Sustainability. Innovation.


Offering unmatched warranties on all staple products, as well as guaranteeing the coating and finishing quality.


All products are rigorously tested. Approved against a multitude of technical and safety standards. One of which being the reputable ASTM International.


Striving to provide the highest quality while minimizing industry carbon footprint for future generations. Providing ACM and other cladding panels that are recyclable and environmentally friendly, leaving a more sustainable world.


With a dedicated research and development team, Alumax Panel is continuing to innovate while reducing costs for clients and surpassing expectations on every project. Striving to push the limits in design, supply, and installation of architectural and decorative cladding products.


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