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Alumax Panel Careers

Why Alumax Panel Inc?

Our company’s greatest asset is in our people. And so we invest within.

Trust, integrity and mutual respect are the foundation of our success. We not only partner with customers and industry experts alike but equally with our employees. The well-being and mental health of our workforce is a top priority. Our business can certainly provide continuous change, as strategies and trends may shift, but our value in our people remains strong and constant. Our organization values constructive feedback regularly and provides an open environment to do so.

As a leader in our industry we hire the best to deliver exceptional quality. We have tremendous opportunities, as a start-up, for accelerated career growth in the future. Whether you are a newly hired novice or seasoned veteran our team will help guide you in your professional development through mentorship and on-going training. Individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment, are driven, and possess a knack for achievement can do very well. We are always looking to recruit individuals who exude professionalism, are detail oriented, client centric, and believe in continuous learning. We offer career-enhancing opportunities and entrust additional responsibility to employees who wish to develop further and grow within the team.

Alumax Panel is a locally owned family business in Toronto and we understand the importance of family. Time off for family related emergencies is ingrained in our core belief system to ensure our staff can fully support their loved ones when needed. Employees are provided with benefits, vacation and holiday pay after a three-month probation period. The opportunity to work overtime is also a benefit for many employees.